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Walking Tour Bariloche

Discover the stories of the people of Bariloche walking through its streets and getting to know its neighborhoods. Learn about its secrets, myths, stories about the landscape, the native peoples, the architecture, the German footprint, the Nazi presence



1:30 hour(s)

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In all cases the meeting point is at the heart of the Historic District: the Tourist Information office located by the Civic Center square. **Choose the tour of your interest:** **GERMAN FOOTPRINT WALKING TOUR:** Discover the German neighbourhood, sites related to German immigration and understand political context. Find out about Nazi presence: stories and myths. We will walk 1 kilometre in a 2 hours tour to uncover secrets, myths and stories about the 3 waves of German immigration that arrived to Bariloche. This will cover from the time of Bariloche foundation all the way through the latest immigration after the 2nd world war. We will discuss about nazi presence in Argentina & Bariloche, some myths, and the role, of the Argentinean government. We will pass by 4 main historical sites: the Civic Center, the Bariloche Andean Club, the German School and the German neighbourhood. **TEN SECRETS WALKING TOUR** We will uncover the best kept secrets, stories and myths about Bariloche, Nahuel Huapi & Patagonia. With urban, lake & mountain views, we will walk by historical sites, monuments, alleyways, gardens, chocolate stores, restaurants, and more. We will share stories and also town gossips. **INDIGENOUS PEOPLES WALKING TOUR** We will discover Patagonia indigenous people’s history and present while walking through Bariloche downtown (Patagons, Mapuche, canoe tribes). Who are they? How is their culture? When and how did they arrive? How did the European colonization impacted on them? And how did the expansion of Argentina state into Patagonia? What is their current status? A controversial topic.
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